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PARTNER Consulting, Ltd. offers you effective cooperation in order to meet your expectations and plans.

The company provides advisory services in the field of financial analysis, business and financial plans making as well as other business and investment counselling for small, medium and big companies. Moreover, our company offers mediation of investment opportunities or seeking investors for home and foreign clients.

The company has been at our market since 1996.

Nowadays it employs its permanent employees and has so-called Pool of Consultants with which it cooperates through contracts regarding individual projects. Therefore we provide you with our professional team of specialists who are able to react flexibly to Your demands and to meet Your needs and wishes. We realize that success of our work depends on people; that is why we lay stress on the choice of all our co-operators.

Thanks to its organizational structure the company is flexible and capable of making the projects for the smallest entrepreneurs or companies as well as for companies which attain turnover worth several hundreds million Slovak crowns. At the same time it can offer its services to municipal offices or other budgetary and contributory organizations with an aim to elaborate projects, which are financed from individual EU funds.

The basic objective of our company is to build a long-term relationship with clients, which would be based on good cooperation, mutual confidence and discretion.

We are ready to provide you with everything related to effective financing of your business goals and good running of your company.
We will help you find the model for solution of your problem, which would be tailor-made for your needs. We shall process all formalities, related agenda and documents for you!

PARTNER Consulting, Ltd. offers complex services which can bring you supplementary advantages:
  • thorough identification of problems
  • constructive proposals regarding solution of detected shortcomings
  • independent external evaluation of your company and its running system,
  • saving the time which the client can spend performing his primary activities.

Our advisory services are focused in the following areas:
  1. Investment counselling - preparation of the company aimed at gaining an investor
  2. Investment counselling —searching for investment opportunities
  3. Consulting services
  4. Financial controlling
  5. Business counselling
  6. Special services