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The companies are searching for more than just an advice —they need complex solutions and specific business results. That is why we have created the complex attitude towards consulting services, which enable our clients to make a progress in each level of their business —since strategic planning on the highest level, through improvement of clients´ care up to everyday activities.

Our services:
  • Financial consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Marketing consulting

Financial consulting
  • general financial analysis of the company following its income and profit (for changing the company´s structure, M&A, in case the company´s employees or management are suspicious of breaking the business ethics, etc.)
  • changing financial structure of the company- following the financial analysis, defining of balance and income statement optimization, cash-flow with precise determination of impact on another activities of the company in a short-term and also long-term horizon.
  • consulting for top management at financial and investment decision-making
  • consulting at financial assessment and preparation of projects, so-called project financing
  • consulting regarding the company´s relations with a bank: we help to gain a loan from banks and non-bank institutions, to define fulfilment of financial criteria required by a bank and other financial institutions, optimization of financial costs concerning relations with banks - reduction of interest rates, bank service charges, conversion margins, etc.

Management consulting
  • strategic analyses of the company and strategic planning, SWOT analysis. Consulting during formation of a long-term development strategy with emphasis on value based management. Determination of the present position, defining of growth potential, specification of activities with the highest value formation.
  • determination of the company´s strategy from the view of top management as well as individual divisions (sales, marketing, financial strategy, business strategy in the global surroundings, etc.)
  • management of projects in the field of M&A, sales, marketing, human resources, etc.
  • strategic management of the company costs
  • consulting at introduction of the company´s business ethics as well as values, which are characteristic for the company´s trade culture
  • competition analysis —identification of the key competitors, evaluation of plans and competitors´ assumed reactions, comparison of the strengths and weaknesses
  • analysis of the capital input chances —data collection, analysis, assessment and interpretation, risk analyses
  • appraisal of the company´s property —appraisal of movable and immovable assets, appraisal of the whole company, cash flow projection
  • investment consulting —studies regarding objectivity of investment objectives, calculation of investment return
  • financial appraisal of marketing promotion activities
  • counselling at the company establishment

Marketing consulting at
  • defining marketing objectives —before conducting marketing activities -particularly in relation to external subjects —advertising, media and search agencies).
  • implementation of marketing strategy —audit of marketing division´s and other marketing chain sections´ outputs (product, price, distribution).
  • implementation of communication strategy —selection of individual elements (company and product identity, selection of advertising/media agency, selection of media mix, purchase of media space, audit of media space buying terms)
  • preparation and realization of marketing search —definition of the search objectives, audit o search agency selection and study methods