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This activity includes especially elaboration of business plans, financial analyses, assistance at establishment of the company as well as assistance at presentation of investment projects for potential investors at home and abroad.

Our services:
  • Elaboration of business plans
  • Elaboration of financial plans
  • Financial analyses
  • Establishment of companies
  • Presentation of projects

Elaboration of business plans
Elaboration of business plans follows from the basic data, which are provided by the clients. These data are completed by marketing and financial information from specific branches. Counselling may be focused also on partial sections of business plans according to client´s needs, whether it regards elaboration of marketing studies and analyses or just financial analyses and projections.

Taking the company´s management experience into account, we thoroughly know requirements of financial institutions, to which the business plans are presented. In case the clients are interested, the business plans may be presented in the presence of potential investors.

In case you are really interested, we shall visit you personally in your company, so you will save the money and time. Our flexibility ensures swift and effective elaboration of the client´s business plans, whereby he doe not have to attend the counselling companies constantly in their seats.

Elaboration of financial plans
Financial planning belongs to the basic tools of the company financial management. It is a decision-making process, which includes proposal, assessment and selection of objectives as well as corresponding tools for their fulfilment.
Following the objectives and ideas you have defined, we shall create the financial model of your company, which shall have the format of projected balance sheet, profit-and-loss statement, cash flow statement, ration indicators so that you can have an idea of your future profits, bank-account balance as well as other financial statement items in the planned period.
Using our services, you can obtain the strong tool for quantification of impacts of your company´s activities on its economy.

In case the financial plan is the part of the business objectives, it is elaborated for the period of investment opportunity duration or payment of credit resources. With the help of PARTNER Consulting, s.r.o. financial plans meet all required criteria:
  • they support and are supported by other parts of the business objective
  • they fit the real ideas of the company´s owners and managers
  • they are the guide for reaching the specified goals in different stages of the company development

- they are the tool for provision of necessary cash flow or investment planning because of financial surplus.

Financial analyses
Financial analysis, as the early warning system, reflects complexly and synthetically the quality of the company´s activities, its economic standard and it is particularly the effective diagnostic tool of your future threats.

Since the client may not assess the situation objectively, we are focused on obtaining only the basic information from his side, whereby the final product is never influenced by client´s idea, even though the result is negative from his point of view.

The task of our experts is to assess all pros and cons and provide the most credible image of the real or future conditions.

If you cooperate with PARTNER Consulting Ltd., you can be sure that the financial analysis fulfils all three basic tasks:
  • It shall determine the factors and their intensity active in formation of the financial situation. Such financial analysis enables to reveal the company´s strengths and weaknesses. It is an effective diagnostic tool enabling assessment of the company´s “well-being”.
  • It shall provide the needed information for primary users, e. i. stockholders, creditors, other investors, customers, etc.
  • It informs on the company´s financial and economic situation, whereby the achieved information shall be the basis for the future decision-making. Therefore, it is an important part of the decision-making process.

Establishment of companies
a) legal service
- mediation regarding elaboration of contracts and basic documents necessary for registration in the business register
- registration in the business register, establishment of the company

b) economic service —selection of optimum accounting software or the accounting company

Presentation of projects
Presentation of projects for potential investors or bank institutions.