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Financial controlling is focused on analysis and information concerning the company´s property. It monitors the fixed as well as short-term assets. This controlling comprises the specialised categories such as investment controlling, stock, debts, liabilities and solidity controlling, etc.

Our services:
  • investment controlling
  • stock controlling
  • debts controlling
  • liabilities controlling
  • solidity controlling

Investment controlling
Significance of investment decision-making processes for the company development is determined especially by the long-term influence of investment on the material and technical basis as well as financial and economic position of the companies. The aim of investment controlling is to control investment process according to specified objectives. Investment controlling is focused on revealing and assessment of investment opportunities, planning of capital expenses, planning of projects, harmonization of projects implementation, proposals of economic efficiency assessment methods, etc. Everything related to investment opportunities is elaborated within this controlling and impulse for the company management shall be given.
Our services:
- specification of optimum investment budget
- assessment of investment objectives´ effects

Controlling of stocks
Stocks controlling issues influence directly or indirectly more company´s functions. The stocks enable to optimize purchase, production and sales activities of the company; however, they more often bring on the costs, which often reduce the positive effects related to stocks possession.
Our services:
- optimization of stocks
- monitoring of stocks

Controlling of debts
One of important factors for the company´s sales success is the time, which the company provides to its customers for settlement of taken goods (commercial credit). This factor leads to formation of debts, which must be financed until their settlement; however, there is a risk the customer will be delayed with the settlement or he will not settle the debt at all. Controlling procedures in controlling of debts are therefore focused on the positive (sales, profit) and negative (debts, capital costs, loss risks from bad debts) effects of the credit policy.
Our services:
- assessment of the credit policy impacts - monitoring of debts

Controlling of liabilities
Procedures in liabilities controlling are also focused on the positive and negative impacts of the company´s credit and business policy.
Our services:
- assessment of the credit and business policy
- monitoring of liabilities

Controlling of solidity
The basic condition of solidity is the balance of short-term and long-term profits and expenses. Insufficient solidity hinders the company´s objectives and decreases its credit; what is more, it brings on all the negative consequences. On the other hand, solidity surplus means losses from foregone opportunities. Controlling of solidity is aimed at minimizing these negative effects by optimization of the company´s financial flow.
Our services:
- monitoring of profits and expenses
- controlling short-term financial resources
- controlling of short-term solidity surplus